Photo of Javier Méndez

Javier - or Javi as he is commonly known - is Menorquin through and through. A lover of all nature, but particularly birds, he works as an outdoor educator with school and college groups, as well as leading international groups. He is an expert on Menorca’s birdlife, and what started as a hobby and subsequently developed into a passion has since become a full-time occupation. In recent times he has led projects such as 'The Winter Atlas of the Birds of Menorca 2007-2011' and 'The Breeding Bird Atlas of the Albufera des Grau National Park'. As the coordinator of various studies that track Menorca’s birdlife, he has contributed on numerous occasions to ornithological journals, and is a founder and past secretary-general of the Ornithological Society of Menorca. An accomplished wildlife guide, he has also worked as an outdoor activities instructor and monitor - hiking, kayaking and mountain biking - which has given him an encyclopaedic knowledge of the Balearic Islands.

Tour led by Javier