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Once you have booked your holiday with us, we ask you to kindly complete this form. If you have any queries please contact your Travelling Naturalist holiday consultant.

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The lead traveller is the person with whom we will agree all aspects that affect this booking.

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It is each traveller’s responsibility to ensure that all appropriate travel documentation is in place. Most destinations require that at least 6 months’ validity remains on the relevant passports when departing on the return journey home.

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If any of the following are important for this person, the sooner we know the better. We will certainly need to know such things before making relevant flight or accommodation arrangements.

Travel insurance

It is a condition of joining our holidays that you must be fully insured against medical and personal accident risks. We strongly recommend having insurance in place from the point of booking confirmation, with adequate cancellation protection to cover your deposit.

Should you need it, medical care abroad and/or repatriation to your home country can be very expensive. It is therefore essential that you have adequate cover for your destination. Typically, such cover can be greater than £10,000,000. If you are unsure whether your policy has adequate cover for this holiday, please speak with your insurance company.

Emergency contact

Before departure, you must supply contact details for someone who is not travelling on this trip that this traveller would want informed in the event of an emergency.

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Please supply at least one of the following.

Please read our conditions of booking below or view them in a separate page and then accept them.

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