Fogg Dam Conservation Reserve is a birder’s delight. Driving slowly across the man-made dam wall provides a great vantage point to scan the wetlands and see bush birds, like Crimson Finches, nesting in the spikey Pandanus plants and Brolgas excitedly displaying with a courtship dance.

It is hard to beat the stunning views of the ancient aboriginal cultural site of Burrungkuy (Nourlangie) in Kakadu National Park. The nearby billabong is another great spot to see waterbirds amongst the Nymphaea waterlilies. Many sites in Kakadu which boast impressive aboriginal rock art, portraying many species of bush foods and stories about traditional law.

Gouldian finches…colourful, cute and on everyone’s wish list. It’s not hard to see why.

A great way to explore the Katherine Gorge in style is by cruising along gently as your three course dinner is cooked on the boat while you watch the sunset.

Notice the dramatic change in scenery and plantlife as we travel west from Darwin towards Western Australia. The Victoria River cuts through the landscape and dense woodlands give way to iconic boab trees dotting open grasslands.

Our journey ends with one last hoorah as we cruise the southern hemisphere’s largest man-made lake, Lake Argyle. The gorgeous wetland is home to thousands of birds and over 20,000 freshwater crocodiles!

Images courtesy of Luke Paterson, NT Tourism & Sarah Burgess

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