20 - 27 April 2004

Jim Coghlan
Stephanie Coghlan

Tues 20th April 2004 PM onwards cloud.

Both groups arrived on time and after lunch in the cafeteria we set off at 2.30 for the west. Our road took us past Spanish Broom, False Acacia and Crown Daisy in full flower and through the mountains, down past Rethymnon to the Petres river where we had a stop and found Little Egret, Squacco Heron, Yellow Wagtail and White Wagtail and Whinchat and plenty of new flowers. We set off into a darkening sky and hit a shower but we had driven out of it by the time we reached Gerani and the Silver Beach Hotel. We had an excellent buffet meal of Salads, and Swordfish and Mousse and held an introductory meeting while we had coffee and a quick review of plans for the week and a checklist.

Weds 21st April Sunny with some cloud. Light shower

We walked to the beach fields and found Woodchat Shrike, a flock of Common Sandpipers and Tree Pipits moving through along with some Swallows. After breakfast we set off to Tavronitis river mouth where we found more Common Sandpipers, Curlew Sandpipers and our first Wood Sandpiper. A Marsh Harrier cruised over and out at sea there were distant Cory's Shearwaters and closer Shags. We stopped for a break at Kolimbari where a Spotted Goat was much photographed, some coffees came very slowly and we learnt about the pace of life in Crete. At the harbour we had a botanical walk to the small chapel and found butterflies, Cretan Festoon, Scarce Swallowtail and Red Admiral as well as a Gladiolus, and a variety of new flowers. Our picnic lunch was taken under the tamarisks overlooking the harbour and then Jim found Cretan Bee Orchid and Small-flowered Tongue Orchid. Past the monastery we flushed Common Sandpipers and Yellow Wagtails from the road and set off in Afrata to walk towards the Gorge. We soon found Golden Oriole, Woodchat Shrike, Spotted, Pied and Collared Flycatchers and Lathyrus grandiflora, Ornithogalum narbonese, Iris gynandriris and monofila and plenty of Dragon Arums coming out under the olive groves. At the chapel there were the Cretan endemics Petromarula and Verbascum arcturus as well as a Pink Phlomis amongst the commoner yellow Jerusalem Sage which covers the hillsides, a light shower began as we returned to the bus and we stopped at the supermarket for coffee, tea and milk, now that we had kitchens to make hot drinks. We had another excellent buffet dinner and got the checklist started over coffee.

Thurs 22nd April 2004 Rain early, Overcast.

No morning walk, but the rain stopped before breakfast. Our first stop at Petres was brief and we moved on to Armeni late Minoan Cemetery, where we were delayed by a cold shower but then we found O. scolopax, Orchis italica and O. ombilifera and O.lutea where the woodland had not been strimmed. We also saw Golden Oriole and Collared Flycatcher in the Valonia Oaks. After a coffee and a warm over the log fire at the Pyrgos Café, then we ready for the hills of Spili. Plenty of Red Tulips in the fields but not fully open as there was no sun. On the orchid banks we found 5 more different kinds, some Mediterranean Milkwort and the Cretan Iris. We came down to the Kourtaliotiko Gorge and had lunch looking back up, near the steps to the chapel. We were rewarded for this rather drafty spot by good views of Raven, Buzzard and Griffon Vultures with a Raven driving a Griffon Vulture away when it arrived with nesting material. We paused in the Kotsiphos Gorge and found Cretan Arum and some Cretan Vipers Grass as well as Ricotia cretica and Tree Flax. Our last stop was in Pines, where we found Monkey Orchid and Tongue Orchid, as well as Rose Garlic and Yellow Bartsia. There was sunshine on the way home and the evening was settling. We had time for walks on the beach and after another excellent buffet dinner we held the checklist and made plans for tomorrow.

Fri 23rd April 2004 St George's Day Sunny

We awoke to a clear morning and went out along the beach and found Stone Curlew before breakfast accompanied by the local sandy dog. After breakfast we went to Chania and had a guided walk around the old town before having some time to visit the Museum or catch up on the postcards or gifts for home. We drove up above Chania to the Venizelou Graves Park, where we immediately began birdwatching with Wood Warblers and Wrynecks being found while we had our picnic. There were Pied Flycatchers and a Hoopoe as well as Gold and Greenfinches. We continued on to Akrotiri and walked the drive to Ag. Triada Monastery and the olive groves were full of Pied and Collared Flycatchers. We found Verbascum arcturus growing on the walls of the monastery garden as well as some interesting grafted fruit trees. Further along at the other monastery we found Black-eared Wheatear and Blue Rock Thrush as well as interesting flowers. We returned home pleased with our day and pleased the weather had settled.

Sat 24th April 2004 Sunny and high stratus

We found many of the usual birds another early morning walk, as well as a fisherman with a floating light system and our dog came too. After breakfast we set off for Agia Reservoir and attempted to view from the church end but our path was blocked, but we did see Marsh Harrier, and Little Grebe among the Coots and Moorhens and we found O. laxiflora and Serapias lingua. We went up through the hills passing different layers of vegetation until we arrived at the plateau, where we had coffee and yoghurt and honey to fortify us for our search for flowers and birds. We soon saw Woodlark, and found a field of Tulips, pink and yellow this time. Further along we found Red -throated and Tree Pipits and Crown Anemones and had lunch at the viewpoint where we heard Wren, and saw Wheatears and Red-billed Chough. We found Peonia clusii at the cafe but it appeared to be planted in the garden, so we felt unclear about its status but it was a beautiful specimen. We stopped briefly at the swallowhole where 10 Hooded Crows were bathing, an omen we felt and drove along the new road to the Ag. Irini cross roads, where the bus emptied rapidly as 6 Griffon Vultures cruised by on a thermal and a Booted Eagle came over. At Agia Reservoir there was plenty to see and the hour stretched to one and a half and ice creams were found at the new Cafe bar. We dragged ourselves away to the Silver Beach for dinner and the checklist and some studying of the Moon and Venus, which were showing well and both in crescent form. The Tree frogs were calling loudly as we went to bed.

Sunday 24th April 2004 Overcast

We had a walk along the beach before breakfast and found a female Red-footed Falcon on the wires. After breakfast we went to Agia Reservoir again and immediately found Little Crakes and another pair of Red-footed Falcons arrived. Purple Herons flew over and we had good views of Great Reed Warbler, as well as Little Bittern and Sedge Warbler. We went on to Therisso and drove up the gorge. At the village we walked further up the road and found flowers and birds. We had lunch by the church and then walked down the road through the village where we had good views of Wren, Stonechat and Pied Flycatcher and further down the gorge we saw Booted Eagle and Ravens and Cretan Cyclamen and branched Star of Bethlehem as well as many goats, including some up trees. The bus came at 3.00 and we returned to the hotel for a restful afternoon with reading, walks on the beach and a dip in the pool on offer. After dinner we held the checklist and retired to pack.

Mon 26th April 2004 Rain showers early. Clearing later.

We got up early but the walk was cancelled as rain showers were passing through. We left soon after 9.00 with presents of wine and stopped at Souda Bay Cemetery where we found Yellow Wagtail, Common Sandpiper perched on the graves and Goldfinch but it was quiet in the Bay. The field by the shore had a variety of flowers including a late Crown anemone, Lupins, Tongue orchids and a Cretan Bee orchid. We stopped next at Georgioupolis Lake and found Little Bittern, Little Crake and Little Egret as well as many Moorhens and Coots. We had coffee and some last minute shopping in Georgioupolis Town and then we had lunch at Petres River, where 6 Griffon Vultures were rising on a thermal. Buzzards and Kestrels flew over and there were plenty of Stripe-necked Terrapins. At Knossos we divided into walkers and historians and some explored the site with a guide, while others looked for birds and flowers and viewed the palace from a distance. We then drove down to Analipsi and settled into a new routine at the hotel. We had a fine spread for dinner with inclusive wine and held a checklist with the promise of more tomorrow at the Gouves lagoons and the Aposelemis River. We retired to bed when the young activity leaders arrived to start the season with games.

Tues 27th April 2004 Overcast, Rain later

The 7 o' clock walkers were greeted by low cloud and mist but the air was warm. We found Grey Herons on the Aposelemis and Little Ringed Plover, Little Stint and Marsh Sandpiper on the salt marshes before returning for another buffet breakfast. Afterwards we set off again and found Pied Flycatcher as well as Wood Sandpiper, many Swallows heading west and a flock of Yellow Wagtails flew through but it was very windy and we found Greenshank, Cuckoo and Stone Curlew, as we returned to say goodbye to the Gatwick flight, while the Manchester flight had time for morning coffee before setting off home. We promised to take the poor weather away with us and left four happy souls to explore the rest of the island with more settled weather. We said farewell to the Irish party who had a second flight on in the evening and emerged to find Manchester ablaze with Spring flowers, but it was raining!

A very good tour with excellent birds and flowers and good company and good hotels. Pity the weather was a bit mixed.

Stephanie Coghlan

Jim Coghlan

April 2004.



Little Grebe 8+ at Agia Reservoir 24th and 25th April.

Cory's Shearwater Seen offshore at Silver Beach Hotel, Gerani 21.4.

Med. (Yelkouan) Shearwater Seen near fishing boats off Gerani 21.4. and 22.4.

European Shag 1- 2 off Gerani 21.4 -26.4.

Squacco Heron 1 seen at Petres river, and at 4+ at Agia Reservoir.

Little Bittern 4 at Agia on 24.4. 2 there 25.4. and 2 at Georgioupolis Lake 26.4.

Little Egret Singles recorded almost daily.

Grey Heron Singles at Agia Reservoir and 2 at Aposelemis river 26.4. and 27.4.

Purple Heron 2 at Agia Reservoir 25.4.

Mallard Several on Agia Reservoir.

Garganey One male and two females at Agia Reservoir 24.4. and 25.4.

Griffon Vulture Single on 20th behind Petres Gorge. 3+ in Kourtaliotiko Gorge. 6 over Ag. Irini crossroads, and 6 over Petres Gorge 26.4.

Marsh Harrier Singles over Gerani 21.4. and Tavronitis river and 2+ at 24.4 at Agia and several there 25.4.

Buzzard Resident, Common recorded daily

Booted Eagle Singles over Omalos 24.4. and over Therisso Gorge 25.4. and a possible one perched at Agia Reservoir 25.4.

Kestrel  Resident recorded daily.

Red-footed Falcon Single at Gerani 25.4. and 2 more at Agia Reservoir on the same day, all females.

Peregrine One on 22nd over Kedros fields and one over Therisso Gorge 25.4.

Chukar 2 seen on 21.4 and 24.4.

Little Crake One male and female seen at Agia Reservoir 25.4 and 1 seen and up to 8 reported 26.4.

Moorhen Seen at river mouths and pools in small numbers 100+ at Agia Reservoir 24.4.

Coot Several seen at Georgioupolis and Agia Reservoir during in the week.

Black-winged Stilt Seen from Tavronitis river 21.7.

Stone Curlew Two at Gerani on morning beach walk 23.4. and one at Gouves lagoons 27.4.

Little Ringed Plover 3-4 recorded daily on the morning beach walk and at river mouths.

Wood Sandpiper Seen on Tavronitis River mouth and at Agia Reservoir.

Common Sandpiper Common at Silver Beach. Gerani, and a flock of 9 there on 21.3. Also seen at Tavronitis river mouth, Agia reservoir, Georgioupolis Lake, Petres River and Gouves lagoon

Little Stint 4+ at Agia Reservoir and singles seen at Gouves lagoons.

Curlew Sandpiper 6 at Tavronitis river mouth 21.4.

Ruff Single at Agia Reservoir 24.4.

Marsh Sandpiper One at Gouves long pool 27th April

Greenshank 1+ at Gouves lagoon on 27th April.

Yellow-legged Herring Gull Common in small numbers daily, along coast and and others washing at Agia Reservoir, including one drowning a moorhen.

Rock Dove (Feral Pigeon) Recorded daily in the lowlands. True rock dove types seen on Omalos Plateau and at Kourtaliotiko Gorge.

Collared Dove Common in small numbers daily.

Turtle Dove Heard at 22.4. at Armeni and on 25.4. at Therisso Gorge.

Cuckoo Heard 24.4.on Omalos plateau and in Therisso on 25.4. One seen at Gouves lagoons 27.4.

Scops Owl Heard in the middle of the night Silver Beach Hotel 24.4. and 25.4.

Swift Recorded daily but only small numbers.

Alpine Swift Singles over 23.4. and 24.4.

Hoopoe One seen well at Venizelou Graves Park 23.4.

Wryneck 3+ seen well at lunch at the Venizelou Graves Park 23.4.

Crested Lark Small numbers seen daily from 22.4.

Woodlark Seen and heard on Omalos plateau 24.4

Sand Martin Small numbers seen from 21.4. over Tavronitis river and Agia reservoir 24.5. and 25.4.

Crag Martin Recorded at Kourtaliotiko Gorge, Omalos and Therisso Gorge.

Swallow Common small numbers recorded daily.

House Martin Small numbers recorded 21.4.- 23.4.

Tawny Pipit One on Omalos Plateau 24.4.

Tree Pipit Seen on passage 21.3. at Silver Beach morning walk and on Akrotiri 23.4.

Meadow Pipit 2 still wintering 22.4. at Armeni.

Red-throated Pipit One on Omalos plateau 24.4.

Yellow Wagtail Small numbers 1-3 from 20.4. seen daily mainly Black-headed feldegg.

White Wagtail Singles at 20.4 Petres River and 22.4.

Wren Heard and seen on Omalos and at Therisso Gorge.

Nightingale Heard at Agia reservoir 24.3

Whinchat Common on passage daily.

Stonechat Resident breeding locally.

Wheatear Common from 22.4 25.4.

Black-eared Wheatear Seen on 23.4. on Akrotiri, Moni Gouvenato, and 24.4.on Omalos 35.4.

Blue Rock Thrush Singles and pairs glimpsed at some distance from 23.4. on Akrotiri.

Blackbird Resident and common. recorded daily.

Cetti's Warbler Heard daily and seen in the Giant Reed Arundo donax near our Hotel.

Sedge Warbler Heard on 21.4. at Tavronitis river mouth and seen at Agia on 24.4. and 25.4.

Reed Warbler One at Agia Reservoir 24.4.

Great Reed Warbler One at Agia reservoir 25.4.

Sardinian Warbler Common recorded daily in a variety of habitats.

Blackcap Seen and heard at Therisso 25.4.

Wood Warbler Seen daily from 21.4.- 24.4. Singles at Venizelou Graves Park seen well, as we arrived for lunch.

Chiffchaff Heard at Agia 24.4.

Spotted Flycatcher Seen at Afrata 21.4. and 23.4 25.4. at Venizelou Graves, and Akrotiri.

Collared Flycatcher Seen at Afrata 21.4. Armeni 22.4 and Ag. Triada Monastery, Akrotiri 23.4.

Semi-collared Flycatcher Possible ones at Afrata 21.4. and Armeni.

Pied Flycatcher Seen at Afrata 21.4. and Venizelou Graves and Akrotiri on 23.4. & Agia 24.4. and Therisso 25.4.

Blue Tit Common in uplands.

Great Tit Common recorded daily.

Woodchat Shrike Recorded almost daily, with 1- 2 seen.

Jay One in uplands 24.4. near Omalos.

Chough 10+ at Xyloskalo on Omalos Plateau.

Hooded Crow Common resident recorded daily.

Raven Recorded in good numbers almost daily with 1-3.

Italian Sparrow Common; breeding everywhere. (No records of House Sparrow!)

Spanish Sparrow Small flock at Silver Beach on 21.4. and 26.4. on early morning walk.

Chaffinch Common breeding resident

Serin 2+ at Venizelou Graves park 23.4. and on Akrotiri and 3 on 25.4. at Therisso.

Greenfinch Common recorded daily.

Goldfinch Common recorded in small flocks daily.

Cirl Bunting Single on Omalos on 24.4.

Corn Bunting Heard and seen 22.4 above Spili.


Greater White-toothed Shrew Seen near Silver Beach Hotel, Gerani 21.4.

Beech Marten Several seen dead on the roads.

Badger A young badger dead at the side of the road above Therisso

Cretan Spiny or Mouse sp. One mouse seen near Silver Beach Hotel. Not positively identified.


Common Tree Frog Heard from 22.4. at Silver Beach Hotel, and at Agia Reservoir.

Marsh Frog Heard at Silver Beach Hotel every evening and seen at Petres River and Agia Reservoir.

Cretan Frog Heard at Silver Beach Hotel.


Balkan Green Lizard Large green adults and small brown striped juveniles seen almost daily.

Stripe-necked Terrapin 20+ seen on the banks and swimming at Petres River Pools.


Scarce Swallowtail Seen Kolimbari 21.4. and 23.4.

Cretan (Eastern) Festoon Seen Kolimbari 21.4.and 24.4

Large White Seen from 23.4.-26.4.

Small White Only on 26.4.

Clouded Yellow Seen Kolimbari 21.4 and 23.4

Brimstone Only recorded Venizelou Graves 23.4.

Common Blue Seen Kolimbari 21.4. and 23.4. and 26.4.

Red Admiral Seen Kolimbari 21.4. and 23.4.

Painted Lady Recorded Kolimbari 21.4 and 23.4. 10 + on passage setting out to sea off Silver Beach Gerani, going north on 25.4. and 26.4.

Southern Speckled Wood Pararge a. aegeria Seen Afrata 21.4. and 23.4.

Large Tortoiseshell Nymphalis polychlorus One record only on 24.4. on Omalos plateau.


Egyptian Grasshopper Anacridium aegyptium Common recorded everyday

Violet Carpenter Bee Xylocopa violacea Common recorded everyday

Pine Processionary Moth Thaumetopoea pityocampa Caterpillars in nests in Pines near Afrata, 23.4. and 24.4. and near Knossos 26.4.

Cretan Solder Beetle Lygaeus saxatilis Recorded on 25.4 and 26.4

Green Tiger Beetle Cicindela campestris Seen 21.4 and 22.4.

Pollen Beetle Oxythyrea funestra Seen on 21.4. 22.4. and 24.4.

7 Spot Ladybird Coccinella 7-punctata Seen on 25.4.

10 Spot Ladybird Adalia 10-punctata 21.4.

2 Spot Ladybird Adalia bipunctata Seen 25.4

Dor Beetle Geotrupes stercorarius Seen 22.4.

Honeybee Apis mellifera Common

Pharoah's Ant Monomorium pharaonis Very small ant, pest in heated buildings.

Green Parent Bug Elasmucha grisea Seen 25.4.

Italian Striped Shield Bug Graphisoma italica Seen at ?? 21.4.

Cretan Door Snail Albinaria inflata Kourtaliotiko and Kotsiphos Gorges.

Pond Skater Gerris lacustris Petres Pools 26.4.

Bumble Bee sp. 26.4.

Dragonfly sp. 24.4

Hawker sp. 26.4.


Numbers refer to Grey Wilson & Blamey "Mediterranean Wild Flowers"

Araucaria acraucane Norfolk Island Pine

Pinus brutia 2

Pinus pinea Stone Pine 3

Cupressus sempervirens Italian Cypress 11

Quercus coccifera Kermes Oak 24

Quercus aegilops Valonia Oak 28

Morus alba White Mulberry 41

Ficus carica Fig 42

Urtica pilulifera Roman Nettle 48

Parietaria judaica Pellitory of the Wall 50

Rumex bucephalophorus 78

Salicornia Glasswort 85

Bougainvillea glabra Bougainvillea 110

Caprobrotus edulis Hottentot Fig 115

Silene vulgaris Bladder Campion 157

Silene gallica Small-flowered Catchfly 176

Silene sedoides 163

Silene cretica Cretan Catchfly 167

Silene colorata 180

Kohlrauschia velutina Proliferous Pink 187

Anemone coronaria Crown Anemone 211

Anemone heldreichii 215

Ranunculus gracilis 247

Ranunculus ficaria Lesser Celandine 252a

Ranunculus asiaticus Turban Buttercup 257

Paeonia clusii Clusius's Peony 271

Papaver rhoeas Common Poppy 283

Glaucium flavum Yellow-horned Poppy 293

Fumaria capreolata Ramping Fumitory 303

Fumaria officinalis Common Fumitory 306

Ricotia cretica Ricotia 319

Arabis verna Spring Rockcress 322

Aubretia deltoidea Aubretia 324

Capsella bursapastoralis Shepherd's Purse

Matthiola sinuata Sea Stock 326

Matthiola tricuspidata Three-horned Stock 329

Biscutella didyma Biscutella 341

Sinapis arvensis Charlock 359

Sinapis alba White Mustard 360

Eruca vesicaria Eruca 361

Raphanus raphanistrum Wild Radish 369

Reseda lutea White Mignonette 376

Sedum acre Biting Stonecrop 385

Umbilicus rupestris Navelwort 397

Platanus orientalis Plane 400

Sarcopoterium spinosum Thorny Burnet 411

Crataegus monogyna Hawthorn 420

Prunus dulcis Almond 421

Rubus sanctus Bramble 428

Eriobotrys japonica Loquat 429

Cercis siliquastrum Judas Tree 430

Ceratonia siliqua Carob, Locust Tree 431

Mimosa sp. Mimosa sp. 432

Calycotome villosa Hairy Thorny Broom 453

Spartium junceum Spanish Broom 481

Lupinus micranthus Hairy Lupin 484

Robinia pseudacacia False Acacia 488

Psoralea bituminosa Pitch Trefoil 508

Vicia sepium Bush Vetch 524

Vicia sativa Common Vetch 531

Lathyrus cicera Red Vetchling 545

Lathyrus grandiflorus

Medicago marina Sea Medick 605

Lotus cytisoides Grey Bird's-foot Trefoil 633

Trifolium uniflorum One-flowered Clover 651

Trifolium campestre Hop Trefoil 656

Trifolium tomentosum Woolly Trefoil 658

Trifolium stel1atum Star Clover 662

Tetragonolobus purpureus Asparagus (Winged) Pea 682

Anthyllus vulneraria Mediterranean Kidney Vetch 690

Coronilla valentina 695

Ebenus creticus Cretan Ebony 722

Oxalis pes-caprae Bermuda Buttercup 735

Geranium molle Dovesfoot Cranesbill 741

Geranium robertianum Herb Robert 747

Geranium lucidum Shining Cranesbill 749

Erodium chium 751

Erodium cicutarium Common Storksbill 761

Linum arboreum Tree Flax 769

Linum bienne Pale Flax 777

Euphorbia dendroides Tree Euphorbia 792

Euphorbia acanthothamnos Greek Spiny Spurge 794

Euphorbia helioscopia Sun Spurge 799

Euphorbia characias Mediterranean Spurge 818

Mercurialis annua Annual Mercury 820

Rinus communis Castor Oil Plant 824

Citrus limon Lemon Tree 832

C. sinensis Orange 836

C. paradisi Grapefruit 839

Melia azederach Indian Bead Tree 843

Polygala venulosa Eastern Milkwort 852

Acer sempervirens A Maple 857

Pistachia terebinthus Turpentine Tree 861

Pistachia lentistus Lentisc (Mastic Tree) 865

Vitis vinifera Grape Vine 889

Malva sylvestris Common Mallow 898

Daphne sericea 938

Cistus creticus Cretan Cistus 962

Cistus salvifolius Sage-Ieaved Cistus 965

Tamarix sp. Tamarisk sp.

Oenanthe pimpelinoides Corky-fruited Water Dropwort 1106

Frankenia laevis Sea Heath 1027

Ecballium elaterium Squirting Cucumber 1032

Bryonia cretica Cretan Bryony 1033

Smyrnium olusatrum Alexanders 1087

Smyrnium perfoliatum Perfoliate Alexanders 1088

Scandix pecten-veneris Shepherds Needle 1097

Ferula communis Giant Fennel 1141

Tordylium apulum Tordylium 1149

Arbutus unedo Strawberry Tree 1176

Erica arborea Tree Heather 1178

Anagallis arveniis var .caerulea Blue Pimpernel 1198

Cyclamen creticum Cretan cyclamen 1208

Limonium sinuatum Winged Sea Lavender 1220

Styrax officinalis Storax 1238

Olea europea Olive 1248

Centaurium maritimum Yellow Centaury 1255

Nerium oleander Oleander 1256

Sharardia arvensis Field Madder

Convolvulus althaeoides Mallow-leaved Bindweed 1331

Echium italicum Italian Echium 1380

Echium angustifolium Red Echium 1382

Echium plantagineum Purple Viper's Bugloss 1383

Cynoglossum creticum Blue Houndstongue 1402

Anchusa azurea Large Blue Alkanet 1409

Anchusa variegata Anchusa 1415

Scutellaria sieberi

Prasium majus Prasium 1444

Ballota acetabulosa Garden Horehound 1469

Phlomis fruticosa Jerusalem Sage 1455

Lamium amplesicaule Henbit Deadnettle 1478

Stachys cretica 1483

Micromeria microphylla

Rosmarinus officinalis Rosemary 1526

Lavandula stoechas French Lavender 1528

Salvia triloba (fruticosa) Three-leaved Sage 1537

Hyoscamus niger Henbane 1556

Mandragora officinarum Mandrake 1574

Scrophularia peregrina Nettle-leaved Figwort 1586

Scrophularia lucida Shining Figwort 1587

Verbascum undulatum 1602

Verbascum arcturus Cretan Mullein 1606

Cymbalaria muralis Ivy-leaved Toadflax 1632

Veronica hederifolia Ivy-leaved Speedwell 1645

Veronica cymbalaria Pale Speedwell 1646

Parentucellia viscosa Yellow Bartsia 1651

Bellardia trixago Bastard Balm 1653

Orobanche ramosa Branched Broomrape 1655

Plantago coronopus Buck's-horn Plantain 1696

Plantago lanceolata Ribwort Plantain 1701

Knautia integrifolia Field Scabious 1736

Petromarula pinnata Cretan Wall-lettuce 1786

Helichrysum siculum 1825

Phagnalon rupestre Shaving-brush Bush 1831

Pallenis spinosa 1847

Anthemis chia Chamomile sp. 1869

Anthemis rigida Rayless Chamomile 1870

Chrysanthemum coronarium Crown Daisy 1895

Calendula arvensis Field Marigold 1908

Picnomon acarna Picnomon 1965

Notobasis syriaca Syrian Thistle 1966

Galactites tomentosa Galactites 1971

Silybum marianum Milk Thistle 1982

Centaurea solstitialis Yellow Star-thistle 1994

Leontodon tuberosus Tuberous Hawkbit 2044

Scorzonera cretica Cretan Viper's Grass 2054

Tragopogon porrifolius Salsify 2055

Geropogon hybridus Small Salsify 2056

Asphodelus fistulosus Hollow-leaved Asphodel 2087

Asphodelus aestivus Common Asphodel 2089

Asphodeline lutea Yellow Asphodeline 2092

Gagea graeca Greek Gagea 2102

Gagea fistulosa Yellow Gagea 2105

Tulipa doerfleri A Red/Orange Tulip 2143

Tulipa bakeri Tulip 2146

Tulipa cretica Cretan Tulip 2147

Zantedeschia aethiopica Easter Lily

Omithogalum narbonense Spiked Star of Bethlehem 2166

Omithogalum umbellatum Star of Bethlehem 2171

Muscari comosum Tassel Hyacinth 2201

Allium roseum Rosy Garlic 2224

Allium ampeloprasum Wild Leek 2237

Agave americana Century Plant 2253

Pancratium maritimum Sea Daffodil (leaves only) 2270

Iris tuberosus Widow Iris 2283

Iris cretensis Cretan Iris 2285

Gynandriris sisyrinchium Barbary Nut Iris 2305

Gynandriris monophylla One-Ieaved Nut Iris 2306

Gladiolus italicus Field Gladiolus 2307

Arum creticum Cretan Arum 2368

Arisarum vulgare Friar's Cowl 2377

Dracunculus vulgaris Dragon Arum 2358

Orchis papilionacea Pink Butterfly Orchid 2401

Orchis boryi 2402

Orchis lactea Milky Orchid 2408

Orchis italica Naked Man Orchid 2409

Orchis pauciflora Provence (Few-flowered) Orchid 2417a

Orchis quadripunctata Four-spotted Orchid 2419

Ophrys lutea Yellow Bee Orchid 2423

Ophrys fusca Brown Bee Orchid 2424

Ophrys omegaifera 2424(a)

Ophrys mammosa Early Spider Orchid 2428(d)

Ophrys spruneri Grecian Spider Orchid 2429

Ophrys scolopax Woodcock Orchid 2436

Ophrys cretica Cretan Bee Orchid 2437

Ophrys bombyliflora Bumble Bee Orchid 2444

Barlia robertiana Giant Orchid (in vase) 2446

Anacamptis pyramidalis Pyramid Orchid 2447

Serapias lingua Tongue Orchid 2451

Serapias parviflora Small-flowered Tongue O. 2452

Briza maxima Giant Quaking Grass 2460

Lagurus ovatus Haresfoot Grass 2473

Arundo donax Giant Reed 2494

Cyperus capitatus 2496

Equisetum sp. Horsetail Sp. 251?

Phragmites australis Reed

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