Photo of YeeTing Wong

A vivacious, free-spirited painter from Sabah, YeeTing is renowned for her versatility – her subjects include figures, landscapes and still lives, as well as the birds and wildlife for which she is most famous. Working in oils and Chinese ink, coffee and charcoal, acrylics and mixed media, YeeTing’s characteristic style embodies freedom and originality. Her affiliation to Sabah is captured in her subject matter, in which she transforms what is ordinary and familiar into captivating images. YeeTing's original concept of Connect Painting has also earned popularity for its multiple display possibilities as well as its aesthetics. Montane Symphony, shown at Borneo Rainforest Lodge, Danum Valley, is a set of four bird paintings with seven displays. She participates in various solo and group exhibitions in both Malaysia and Europe, including the Birdfair at Rutland. Her works are commissioned and collected by private and corporate clients from around the world.

Tour led by YeeTing