Photo of Rob Nawojchik

A marine biologist, Rob has been working aboard the Searcher vessel in Mexico’s Baja Peninsula as a naturalist guide for 10 years. He guides up to four trips each year and therefore knows Baja’s wildlife, islands and lagoons from first-hand experience. Most passengers love his vast knowledge about marine mammals seen on our tours, his skills at identification, and his humorous way of communicating! He is an enthusiastic snorkel guide and teacher, and loves exploring Baja’s underwater world. Rob's experience includes developing and teaching college-level marine mammal courses, managing a marine mammal stranding program, observing marine mammals on board large ships with organisations such as TerraMar Environmental Research, Geo-Marine, and Marine Acoustics, and conducting field research. Rob loves to travel and explore new areas of wildlife, nature and trails, and is keen on history, SCUBA and photography. He especially enjoys the national parks of the USA, plus many destinations throughout Europe and South America.