Photo of Richard Randall

Richard's first birding trip to Botswana was in 1977, and he has been resident there since 1986. He has recorded almost 870 species in Southern Africa and, as a member of BirdLife Botswana’s Rarities Committee, adjudicates reports of rare birds. He is also a certified trainer and assessor of professional guides in Botswana and a member of BirdLife Botswana’s Rarities sub-committee. With over 40 years' experience of guiding birding groups in southern Africa, Richard has a detailed knowledge of Botswana in particular, and all aspects of birding there. However as a committed and passionate all-round naturalist, the scope of Richard’s knowledge extends far beyond just birding, and he has transmitted his enthusiasm to many visitors including US President Bill Clinton in 1998. Publication: co-author of The Chobe Companion (2014) & The Okavango Companion (2016), both general wildlife books.

Tour led by Richard