Photo of Lucas Martí

Lucas started to lead birding and natural history tours to Antarctica in 2002 and soon became an expert birding leader throughout Argentina, Bolivia, Antarctica and Brazil, where he now leads several trips every year. He obtained a diploma in Biology at the School of Natural Science and Museum of the National University of La Plata in Argentina. Lucas worked as an ornithologist for the I.A.A. (Instituto Antárctico Argentino) at King George and Nelson islands in Antarctica. Based in the Argentine Scientific Base ‘Teneniente Jubany’, he carried out research on southern giant petrels, skuas and penguins, before spending five months at the remote Refugio Gurruchaga on Nelson Island studying gulls and cormorants. Between leading tours, Lucas continues his bird research, and he is involved in several bird monitoring programmes carried out by the National University of La Plata. Lucas lives in the city of La Plata, with his wife Macarena and his two sons.