Photo of Kangachepe ‘Kanga’ Banda

Kanga was inspired to become a guide at school, where he was an active member of the wildlife and conservation club. After completing school he studied automotive mechanics and moved to the Luangwa Valley to be a mechanic. There he spent every spare moment studying and in 2007 joined a safari operator. Living in the bush and working with the legendary Robin Pope honed his interest in wildlife, and Kanga passed the famously tough South Luangwa guide exams first time at the top of his class – an accolade in itself. In subsequent years while working as a full-time guide, Kanga has continued to expand his bird knowledge – which is now exceptional. He has a natural interest and curiosity in all animals – including his clients – and has developed into a first-rate guide whose enthusiasm and love of the bush makes him extremely popular and ensures he is always in great demand.

Tour led by Kangachepe