Photo of Debbie Boege-Tobin

As a Professor of Biology at the University of Alaska in Anchorage with a particular interest in Marine Biology, Debbie loves nothing more than being out at sea searching for wildlife. Her research interests have led her to study seals, sealions, sea otters and whales in great depth, and is an asset to any wildlife voyage due to her exceptional knowledge of marine mammals, seabirds, shorebirds, and marine conservation in general. Throughout her working life as an academic involved in the field of marine biology, Debbie has spoken at numerous scientific conferences, delivered presentations at outreach events, and served on local, national and university committees, e.g. the Animal Behavior Society’s Conservation Behavior Committee. She has run public interest courses about marine vertebrates and pinnipeds (seals) off the coast of Alaska, and acts as the primary responder and coordinator of a Marine Mammal Stranding Network. She is friendly and outgoing and relishes communicating her knowledge and passion to others.

Tour led by Debbie