Photo of Alain Clavette

Although of Acadian parentage, Alain Clavette was born and raised in Montreal. However his love for nature brought him back in New Brunswick to study biology, and his love for the Bay of Fundy and his ancestral culture led him to stay here. He joined Parks Canada as a resource technician, working on sharp-shinned hawk, loons and peregrine falcons in Fundy, and later becoming an interpretative specialist as he developed an interest in communicating his passion for natural heritage and ecology. He worked for a time as a guide doing boat trips to see seals and terns, and as a hiking guide, as well as guiding groups of travel agents for the Ministry of Tourism. In the interim he spent every free minute birding all over New Brunswick, and in May 1997 became the youngest member of the province’s 300 Club, before hosting nature programmes for Radio Canada and CBC Radio. He has featured in several television documentaries about the Bay of Fundy’s ecology or birds in general.

Tour led by Alain