Photo of Bayanmunkh Dashnyam

Bayanaa grew up in a family of nomadic herders in Western Mongolia, helping his parents herd livestock in beautiful surroundings, including mountain steppe, high mountains, rivers and lakes. In these wonderful natural habitats, he encountered incredible fauna including Pallas’s cat, Siberian ibex and argali sheep, and he soon developed a passion for Mongolia’s wildlife. In 2009, Bayanaa enrolled at the ecology department at the National University of Mongolia. During his studies, he took part in numerous research projects in the field. Since 2012, he has been guiding birdwatching and wildlife tours across Mongolia. He also continues to study, and is completing a Masters degree involving bird surveying at Salkhit Wind Farm. As a field biologist, he took part in lots of research expeditions on bird taxonomy, raptor migration, the ecology of Pallas’s fish eagle, and counts of wild Bactrian camel. During his spare time, he heads out with his binoculars to enjoy the diverse birdlife.

Tour led by Bayanmunkh