Wildlife Photography

For those whose fascination with wildlife goes hand-in-hand with a passion for photography, tours to such iconic regions such as the Serengeti in Tanzania, or the Pantanal in Brazil, offer the perfect combination. Expert wildlife photographer and author Nick Garbutt will introduce you to this wonderful world, and inspire you for your next wildlife adventure.

Speaker: Nick Garbutt

Photo of Nick Garbutt

An award-winning photographer and author, with a background in zoology, Nick has forged a career by combining these skills with leading tours and lecturing. He has written and photographed several critically acclaimed books, as well as twice being a winner in the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition.

Photographing Bears in Finland

European brown bear

The European brown bear only remains in a few wild corners of the continent to which they belong, and Finland is without a doubt the best place to see them. Watching a bear at close quarters is hard to describe, there is something so incredibly human about them, it is inevitable that you start to see something you can relate to. Bret will take you through a typical bear watching experience in Finland’s eastern forests, sharing some of his favourite bear moments. 

Speaker: Bret Charman

Photo of Bret Charman

Bret Charman is an award-winning wildlife photographer and a member of the Marketing team at The Travelling Naturalist. It is the fantastic flora and fauna around Winchester that inspired his love affair with the natural world. He thrives on discovering what’s happening on his local patch, as well as in those more exotic locations a little further afield.

Wildlife Macro Photography

Over the years, the miniature world that Alex specialises in photographing has revealed some true wonders. He has seen sights through his macro lens that would rival the most far-flung of sci-fi films - alien worlds full of colour and bizarre forms. Alex's work as a natural history photographer has taken him all around the world, however it is his local patch in Derbyshire that has provided him with two recent competition wins, one in his very own back garden!

Speaker: Alex Hyde

Photo of Alex Hyde

Alex Hyde is full-time natural history photographer specialising in smaller creatures, and can usually be found crawling around in the undergrowth looking for insects, spiders and other wee beasties. An experienced tutor, Alex regularly delivers workshops and seminars on macro photography and has taught at venues such as the University of Nottingham.

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