Wildlife Photography in Europe’s Far North

European brown bear

Some of Europe’s less-visited realms are home to some of the continent’s finest wilderness, which in turn plays host to an incredible array of wildlife. The European brown bear is the star in both Slovenia's and Finland’s forests, while polar bears are the focus in the remote landscapes of the Svalbard archipelago. Bret will take you through a typical bear watching experience in Finland and Slovenia, before heading further north to the icy realm of the polar bear and a cruise around the island of Spitsbergen. 

Speaker: Bret Charman

Photo of Bret Charman

Bret Charman is an award-winning wildlife photographer and a member of the Marketing team at The Travelling Naturalist. It is the fantastic flora and fauna around Winchester that inspired his love affair with the natural world. He thrives on discovering what’s happening on his local patch, as well as in those more exotic locations a little further afield.

Discover Ethiopia

Dominated by the vast central highlands, Ethiopia is a spectacularly beautiful country, with a fascinating history and a wealth of unique wildlife. Home to enormous troops of gelada baboons, stunning Ethiopian wolves and a bird list of over 900 species, Ethiopia has a huge amount to offer the travelling naturalist and Dan Free will talk us through some of the best areas for wildlife, whilst recounting a few of his favourite experiences from travelling to this beautiful country. 

Speaker: Dan Free

Photo of Dan Free

After graduating with an MSc in Zoology, Dan spent six weeks exploring India’s tiger reserves, before moving on to South-east Asia, Central and South America and Africa, working on conservation projects and gaining a wealth of big-cat knowledge. Back in the UK, working as an ecologist, he undertook protected species surveys and specialised in ornithology. Now the Manager of The Travelling Naturalist, he has led and researched trips to many destinations including the Brazilian Pantanal, Chile, The Falklands, Borneo, Japan and Ethiopia as well as many in Europe.

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