Top Cats

Everyone loves big cats. In all the places they occur, big cats generally top the wish list of visitors wanting the see and photograph wildlife. No other group of animals combines grace, elegance, beauty and power in such a compelling and seductive way. Like so many, wildlife photographer Nick Garbutt is bewitched by their spell and for as long as he can remember, has had the ambition of seeing and photographing all seven species in the wild. Having now achieved this, which locations would he suggest for providing best big cat experiences?

Speaker: Nick Garbutt

Photo of Nick Garbutt

An award-winning photographer and author, with a background in zoology, Nick has forged a career by combining these skills with leading tours and lecturing. He has written and photographed several critically acclaimed books, as well as twice being a winner in the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition.

Nuts about Brazil

Fresh from her adventure to Brazil, Sarah will recount her recent quest for harpy eagle, jaguar and giant river otter amongst the other bio-diverse wonders of the verdant Pantanal and Amazon ecosystems.

Speaker: Sarah Malcolm

Photo of Sarah Malcolm

Having spent several seasons working in Botswana and Kenya, Sarah’s love of wildlife led her to study Zoology at Newcastle University, followed by eight months travelling through the Indian subcontinent. Now a member of the team at The Travelling Naturalist, Sarah is able to combine her deep rooted love of nature with travel.

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