Wildlife in Canada

Canada is home to some of the finest bear watching and whale-watching anywhere on earth – from the Arctic north to the more temperate coastal regions. Blessed with the largest remaining tract of coastal temperate rainforest, mountains and salmon-rich rivers, brown, black and spirit bears call this country home. The seas are home to blue, humpback, grey, minke, orca and beluga whales as well as otters, seals and sealions. Enjoy beautiful imagery and inspirational stories taken from Chris’s first-hand experiences in this stunning destination.

Speaker: Chris Breen

Photo of Chris Breen

Chris started out managing a lodge and working as a safari guide for a prestigious operator in Zambia’s Luangwa Valley. Subsequent experience in the travel industry back in the UK inspired him to found Wildlife Worldwide in 1992 ‘to do it properly’. Widely travelled and known throughout the industry, Chris is an inexhaustible font of knowledge.

Discover Sri Lanka

This evening Sarah will guide you through the assortment of experiences that this multifaceted island has to offer. From breaching blues to timeless ruins, scenery and fabulous wildlife, Sarah will give you a flavour of what you can expect on a visit to Sri Lanka. 

Speaker: Sarah Malcolm

Photo of Sarah Malcolm

Having spent several seasons working in Botswana and Kenya, Sarah’s love of wildlife led her to study Zoology at Newcastle University, followed by eight months travelling through the Indian subcontinent. Now a member of the team at The Travelling Naturalist, Sarah is able to combine her deep rooted love of nature with travel.

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