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For over 30 years our expert naturalists have led small group tours to some of the world’s most spectacular wildlife and birdwatching destinations. Our programme features over 100 nature holidays to choose from, including a range of specialised photography, flora, butterfly and dragonfly tours.

Northern Lights & Lapland Birds

Join expert naturalist Barrie Cooper, on this small group trip to Finland for the chance to see the magical Northern Lights and good views of some special birds, including Steller’s and king eiders.

Here are some of our most popular nature holidays to inspire you…

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From bird watching in Costa Rica to dragonfly watching in France, blue whale watching in Sri Lanka to bear viewing in Finland, we offer an unparalleled range of small group tours to see the finest wildlife in the world. Explore by region or choose a featured destination.

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Spain is a naturalist’s paradise, offering spectacular birdwatching, stunning scenery, and exciting opportunities to see rare wildlife such as the Iberian lynx.


France is home to a fantastic variety of nature; from wallcreepers to Eurasian griffon, an abundance of moths and butterflies, and areas with 60 species of dragonfly.

Costa Rica

Visit Costa Rica and discover a place teeming with wildlife – monkeys and reptiles in the rainforest, turtles and whales on the coast, and over 800 bird species.

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From bird watching around the world to butterfly viewing, flower photography to migration tours in spring and autumn, we offer the finest choice of wildlife and nature viewing.

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Exceptional experiences lie at the heart of everything we do. Here are just three of the thousands of experiences our clients have enjoyed. Talk to our team of experts to book your next naturalist tour.

Demoiselle cranes were spectacular, as well as Radde's accentor, imperial eagle and lammergeier. John was an excellent leader, with great birding skills.

Colin P went to Armenia, Asia in September 2017

A first class holiday. Jane was a first-class birder and an efficient, considerate leader, and the local expert managed to find practically every bee orchid known to man!

Marion P went to Cyprus, Europe in April 2017

An extremely enjoyable first trip to Spain with an unforgettable close-up encounter of a lynx in Donana, plus amazing and varied birdlife.

Corrinne B went to Spain, Europe in March 2017